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Thought I would post this video looking at the upcoming new Propellerhead Software release called Record. It looks pretty cool to me from the preview video.

Original Video on YouTube.

Official release date is September 9, 2009. For more info about Propellerhead Record check out Record-You.com.

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Great little video showing the talented musician SaReGaMa playing a Kalimba Solo from his track Air. The Kalimba is an instrument I don’t see often and this video shows off the instrument very well.

If you are interested in hearing more music from SaReGaMa you can visit his personal site.

You can also find his album Inward Journey available now on both eMusic and also Napster.

Original YouTube Video.

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Searching through some videos on YouTube and I came across some videos of some very talented Glass Harp players that I wanted to share.

Here is a selection of my favourite ones I came across.

It must take a while to set up and tune these everytime, but the end result is a very nice sound. I wonder how often the glasses crack whilst being played. enjoy!

Original YouTube Posting by MetricSuperstar.

Original YouTube Posting by adamrcath.

Original YouTube Posting by cooterwillis.

Original YouTube Posting by BSICollision.

If you find any more great glass harp videos post the urls to them in the comments section of this post.

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Found this great little video made by a company called Animusic. It’s animated and shows some great video-music synchronization work.

Animusic has got loads of other videos using different instruments and settings available on their DVDs but this one seems to be one of the more popular ones. I’m not sure whether this sort of thing could be made for real, that truly would be amazing.

I found the video on The Internet Archive where there are also some download links if you love it so much you want to keep it. Enjoy!

Original Video on The Internet Archive

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The Thummer from Thumtronics, I came across this new piece of kit via a post on Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog and I was quite impressed by it. The Thummer has lots of buttons in a new styled layout combined with the abilities to manipulate the sounds it creates via it’s internal synthesizer.

Whether this will take off I’m not sure but but according to Thumtronics they say that it is easier to learn than most instruments due to the layout of the buttons. The layout enables all chords to have the same pattern (shape) of notes and not differing shapes such as on the piano (which have various patterns of black and white note patterns depending on what key you play) or on the guitar with different finger shapes for the different chords.

They also say it is more expressive (than current synthesizers) as the design allows you to hold it in your hands and control the sound via some joysticks where your thumbs are located. It has pressure sensitive buttons and you can also change the make up of the sound it creates via motion sensors. (Wow!) - Check out the vids below to see this in action.

I like the look of this, which is why I wanted to bring it to your attention. I would absolutely love one of these, especially if it had MIDI capabilities (I can’t find anything on the site about this) so it could be hooked up to any piece of software such as VSTis. It’s also a very visual instrument too, due to the motion sensors and so I think it will work well for live bands as the audience can see the sound being manipulated.

Enjoy the videos and check out the The Thummer site for more info and some more videos.

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