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Sometimes we find a great sample that we really want to use but unfortunately there is a click at the beginning or end of the sound. For this tutorial I am going to be using Audacity which is free to use and can be downloaded from the Audacity Website for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux. You should be able to use any similar software to do the same technique.

Here is a simple kick drum sound and if you listen carefully you will hear a click at the end once the sample has finished.

If we was to put this into a drum beat we would get unwanted clicks all over our drum pattern. If we look at our sound in Audacity we can see that the reason this click is heard is because the last section of our sample ends while the sound waveform is either above or below 0.

We can solve this very easily by highlighting the last few milliseconds of the sound and going to Effect > Fade Out which will make the waveform fade down to 0 and eliminates the sudden stop which was causing the click. If the click is at the start of a sample we can instead highlight the first few milliseconds and choose Effect > Fade In and this will achieve the same thing but at the start.

Here is our new click-less drum sample using this technique.

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A brilliant 18 minute documentary which is available on YouTube. The "Amen Break" is a 6 second drum loop from the b-side of a chart-topping single from 1969. It is surprising how many times it has been used in different tracks over the years especially in Hip Hop, Drum & Bass and Jungle. This video shows how sampling one break can be used again and again in different ways to create a new piece of music in many different music styles.

Direct link to Actual YouTube Video

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Rhythm Creation’s first samplepack. You should be able to create some nice percussion loops with these shaker scraper samples. There are 12 wav files in the zip file with no effects on, just unedited recorded samples recorded by me. Enjoy! and keep a look out for more samplepacks coming soon.

Download from RhythmCreation.com

All my own made samples that I post are released under the Creative Commons NonCommercial Sampling Plus 1.0 Licence. (Free to use and change for non-commercial uses). For the full terms of this license click the image button below.

Creative Commons License

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