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I came across this article today complete with audio examples, about a psychology science experiment devised by Jessica Phillips-Sliver and Laurel Trainor looking into whether movement itself (dance) may affect the way in which we perceive music and sounds.

I thought I would bring this little experiment to your attention not only because I thought it was rather interesting scientifically speaking, but because it also shows how accenting different specific beats within a rhythm can affect the overall sound of the drum rhythm. All three sound examples on that page have exactly the same rhythm just different beats are more pronounced than others. This is a technique that you can use in your own drum beats to give different feelings at different points in your composition.

Visit the article on Cognitive Daily

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TheSixtyOne is a new site to appear that allows artists and bands to upload their music to promote it to new listeners. People can bump up items (tracks) that they enjoy and these tracks can then go on to make it to the front page if they get enough bumps. I wanted to let you know about this site because it is new, they seem to have a reasonable number of visitors and lesser known music gets listened to. As that is the main aim of TheSixtyOne to let listeners discover new music.

Listeners can also earn points which acts like a game, more points means you achieve a higher level. Which means you can give more bumps to tracks and have more control on which tracks make it to the front page. It also works like a social networking site as members can listen to what their friend are listening to and see what tracks each other has bumped. Listeners also have the option of of buying the track from Amazon if you music is on available on to buy from there (Just un-click the download option for the track your uploading and it will find it on Amazon automatically). If you currently don’t sell your music on Amazon check out my feature on how to sell your music on on-line stores.

I liked TheSixtyOne a lot which is why I have made it this weeks site. I have even placed some of my tracks on TheSixtyOne, so if you like them go and give them a bump :-).

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This featured web site is a great little site for all us musicians who want to release our tracks for distribution on the internet (or anywhere else). When releasing our tracks most of us want our listeners to distribute them around as this is great and free exposure, but it does kind of feel like you've either got to copyright your music completely or just give it away and let anyone do what they like with it. Thankfully this is where Creative Commons comes in.

Creative commons is a non-profit organization which provides pre-written licenses for us musicians (as well as many other forms of licenses for other mediums). All you’ve got to do is go on their web site and choose a license that you feel will work best for you, allowing you to keep some of your rights intact whilst waiving certain other rights, kind of like "Some Right Reserved" rather than "All Right Reserved".

Creative Commons Logo I release all my music files and sample files on Rhythm Creation under a creative commons license. I believe people find the licenses very easy to understand as Creative Commons provide some very easy to read "Human-readable" versions of the licenses setting it out in plain English (or any other language) the rights that you are keeping as well as what you are letting your listeners do with your music.

They also provide you with some nice buttons and links so you can direct people from your Web Site, Blog, My Space to a copy of the licenses. It really is a great way for us musicians who want to keep some rights reserved and not all rights reserved or reversed.

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Here is a great list of 10 sites I have come across which you will be able to find most of the samples and sounds you require for your music production or anything else you might need a certain sound for. I have listed whether they are Royalty Free or if they are copyrighted in anyway as best as I can.

BBC OneMusic Sample Bank - Over one thousand samples to use in your music free (Free to use for non-commercial purposes).

DrumSamples.org - Download free drum samples for music production (Royalty FREE).

Find Sounds - Free site where you can search the Web for sound effects and musical instrument samples (Unsure about copyright of samples as finds sounds from multiple sources). This one seems to have disappeared since this post was made.

Looperman - Loads of loops, beats and samples for free for members (Membership is free though) (Royalty Free).

Free (Scrabble) - Image from Stock Xchng (www.sxc.hu) User:spiders Philharmonia Orchestra Sound Exchange - Loads of single hits, phrases and full orchestra samples played by the Philharmonia Orchestra (Free to use for non-commercial purposes).

SampleNet - Nice set of samples, most are in Mp3 format though (Copyright Free).

SampleSwap - A completely free and lovingly maintained collection of 10,000+ quality audio samples, drum loops and vocal snippets. (Royalty Free).

Soundsnap.com - Find and share free sound effects and loops (Royalty Free). This one is no longer free since this post was made.

The Freesound Project - Collaborative database of creative-commons licensed sound for musicians and sound lovers (Royalty Free as long as you specify sample maker in credits - Creative Commons License).

Worldsamples.com - Loads of sound effects, most are free (Creative Commons License). This one seems to have disappeared since this post was made.

If you know of any others, post it in the comments of this post. Hope you enjoy searching these sites and find the sounds you want.

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If your ever looking for a specific sample one of the best places you could go to search would be The Freesound Project. At the time of writing this they have over 40,000 samples, all available to find via a search tool. All samples are provided free for you to use by other generous people from around the world under a creative commons license (which basically means you can use it as you like as long as you mention the person who made the sample).

I have also heard that a sample of a scream from The Freesound Project was used in the film "Children of Men" which starred Clive Owen and the user was properly credited in the credits, so if you make your own samples, why not upload them. You never know you may hear your sample in the next big movie.

The Freesound Project Logo I like The Freesound Project a lot and I thought it deserved a mention. I shall certainly be using it to search for sounds when I need a sound that I can’t make myself. Just remember to attribute the sample creator as great tools like this wouldn’t exist without them.

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