Rhythm Creation - Music Production and Sound Reocording

I don't think anyone will disagree that your music working space needs to be comfortable, but we also want to make it so that everything in our workspace is easy to use, easy to reach and make us want to be in our music studio. To achieve this our music making area should be clean and free from clutter and also keeping it that way too. Sort out all your wires so that you don't have to keep going behind your equipment, if you have some cable ties it could be a good idea to use them to declutter too.

Most of us will be using software on a computer to make music and therefore clean and free from clutter doesn't just apply to the physical world, it also applies to our desktop environments too. To declutter our computer we should make sure that our software is easy to startup and get going quickly. Solve those computer problems and make our applications quick to get going by setting up the preferences to our liking. It might be worth creating a template file in your software too to allow you to get going as quickly as possible. We basically should streamline our computers ready for knuckling down to making some beats.

Whilst we are making music one thing that could improve our productivity during our precious music making time is to take away all the distractions from the room. For example games consoles and telephones could be removed and also internet could be disconnected to stop you from checking your email and social networks and getting distracted.

I'm not one to plan specific times to make music, but if your area is comfortable and it is quick and easy to start making music you are going to end up spending more time actually making music when you are in there and you won't have to plan specific times. You'll just be able to go and do it. By making your music making studio more comfortable and time friendly, you will probably improve not only your music making productivity but also your music too.

What do you do to improve your music making studio/area to improve your music making time usage?

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