Rhythm Creation - Music Production and Sound Reocording

I haven't posted on Rhythm Creation for a while and that's because I've been using all my free time for my other project Remix Comps and also making some of the album for the album project. Today I thought I would post mainly because I have 2 tracks completed for the album and I thought I would show one of the tracks. I'm pretty happy with it although it is probably not to everyones taste.

If you have been following the album project that I am running on Rhythm Creation you'll know that I am aiming for a specific niche which is the old skool rave niche. I think that this track fits well into the niche and will appeal to fans of the genre. It is unmastered, currently in need of some sort of vocal sample to be finished and probably going through and mixing it again at a later stage. It uses the drum beat technique I showed you in this post, all synths sounds have been created by scratch and you may notice that the hoover sound created in this post has been used. Anyway take a listen and feedback is appreciated, especially from people who love the rave niche.

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