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Another site worthy of being on Rhythm Creation. OurStage is a nice site with a great concept in creating charts of submitted music from various genres. It has features for both listeners and musicians that make OurStage a worthwhile visit for both.

OurStage is unique due to the way the charts are worked out. Listeners or Judges as they are known have to choose between two tracks in their chosen genre, voting on a scale which one they prefer the most. All these votes are then worked out and the chart is updated. This system seems to work well because it stops people from being high up the charts just because they’ve got lots of friends who they have asked to become fans and it is more down to the actual music (Although it probably isn’t flawless at preventing this).

There are some great Prizes available too for musicians and bands which are very successful in the charts. I have been using OurStage now for a couple of months and have heard some good tracks and my track Overdrive managed to finished 7th in the electronic category for January. I asked no one to vote for me, so this shows you can get high up in the charts with no sneaky votes, showing their system works reasonably well.

OurStage is definately a place for musicians to get some free and also exciting publicity for their music.

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