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When I was looking for ways to promote Rhythm Creation over the internet I came across Seth Godin’s Blog and I noticed this facinating article today about lessons that can be learnt from the current music industry. It is a very interesting read and I thought I would point out this article because I think it brings up some very good points and also some ideas for us musicians.

I particularly like this following quote…

“Many musicians have understood that all they need to make a (very good) living is to have 10,000 fans. 10,000 people who look forward to the next record, who are willing to trek out to the next concert. Add 7 fans a day and you’re done in 5 years. Set for life. A life making music for your fans, not finding fans for your music…”

When you spread that out over 5 years it makes success seem very achievable? Also check out Seth Godin’s other articles because he does have some wonderful ideas towards marketing and promotion which you may be able to utilise for you music.

Music Lessons Article Link
Seth Godin’s Blog

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