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You’ve made some great sounding tunes, now you want to get some people who aren’t your own family and friends to take a listen and start getting your music out there to be heard (That is why you created it right?). Well you could start off by trying my list below of 5 sites I believe can really help when it comes to promoting your music, getting some listeners quickly and best of all every one of these sites is free to use.

OurStage is great site with a great concept which is different to the others in this list. Listeners get to judge you tracks against another track and choose which one they like the most. Listeners then get to see whether other listeners agreed with them or not and these votes determine the charts in the various genre categories. You can go on to win some great prizes if you music is successful. I think this site has got the best ranking system of all the ones on this list because it’s a system where the charts can’t be interfered with too much by the musicians friends with false votes or plays.

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Reverb Nation/Facebook
Facebook has joined up with Reverb Nation and together can help promote your tracks as you can place the Reverb Nation players into your Facebook page. Listeners can comment on your tracks, you can post a blog or use your current blogs feed if you already have one. Reverb Nation also has some great widgets to place on your own sites. I also especially like the fan mailing list tools on offer too and it also makes it easy to find other musicians in your local area who you may not know about.

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Originally just a social networking site, but musicians and bands can have their own page, upload some songs to show off their music, design the layout and look of their page and create a list of friends/fans who enjoy their music. MySpace is an essential promotion tool for bands and musicians even if you already have your own personal web site. Rhythm Creation has a MySpace profile so if you enjoy the site or need someone to start off your friends list, why not add us as a friend

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Upload your tracks and get placed into the Soundclick charts, you can place your uploaded tracks on any other page you own using their widgets as well as sell your music through their pages. There is a very large amount of tracks on here and your music can get hidden away unless you have other pages to promote your music using the widgets. Note: Soundclick does have an optional subscription charge if you want to make use of the extra facilities. A basic account is free.

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We recently placed this site in our Hall of Fame because we liked it so much. Listeners can bump up songs they like similar to sites like Digg and the listeners are playing a game themselves to gain points. The great thing about TheSixtyOne is there seems to be a good amount of users who are ready and waiting to discover the newest tracks that have just been uploaded. The other great thing is that if you are selling your music using Amazon MP3, listeners can go and buy your music if they enjoy it as a buy button will automatically appear if you disallow downloads of you tracks. If you haven’t yet got your music on Amazon, go to our feature about selling your tracks on-line.

Our longer review of TheSixtyOne
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Hopefully this little list will give you some good sites to start getting your music out there, there are loads more sites on the net I just wanted to give you these 5 which have been my favourites so far for promoting my own tracks.

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