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TheSixtyOne is a new site to appear that allows artists and bands to upload their music to promote it to new listeners. People can bump up items (tracks) that they enjoy and these tracks can then go on to make it to the front page if they get enough bumps. I wanted to let you know about this site because it is new, they seem to have a reasonable number of visitors and lesser known music gets listened to. As that is the main aim of TheSixtyOne to let listeners discover new music.

Listeners can also earn points which acts like a game, more points means you achieve a higher level. Which means you can give more bumps to tracks and have more control on which tracks make it to the front page. It also works like a social networking site as members can listen to what their friend are listening to and see what tracks each other has bumped. Listeners also have the option of of buying the track from Amazon if you music is on available on to buy from there (Just un-click the download option for the track your uploading and it will find it on Amazon automatically). If you currently don’t sell your music on Amazon check out my feature on how to sell your music on on-line stores.

I liked TheSixtyOne a lot which is why I have made it this weeks site. I have even placed some of my tracks on TheSixtyOne, so if you like them go and give them a bump :-).

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