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This featured web site is a great little site for all us musicians who want to release our tracks for distribution on the internet (or anywhere else). When releasing our tracks most of us want our listeners to distribute them around as this is great and free exposure, but it does kind of feel like you've either got to copyright your music completely or just give it away and let anyone do what they like with it. Thankfully this is where Creative Commons comes in.

Creative commons is a non-profit organization which provides pre-written licenses for us musicians (as well as many other forms of licenses for other mediums). All you’ve got to do is go on their web site and choose a license that you feel will work best for you, allowing you to keep some of your rights intact whilst waiving certain other rights, kind of like "Some Right Reserved" rather than "All Right Reserved".

Creative Commons Logo I release all my music files and sample files on Rhythm Creation under a creative commons license. I believe people find the licenses very easy to understand as Creative Commons provide some very easy to read "Human-readable" versions of the licenses setting it out in plain English (or any other language) the rights that you are keeping as well as what you are letting your listeners do with your music.

They also provide you with some nice buttons and links so you can direct people from your Web Site, Blog, My Space to a copy of the licenses. It really is a great way for us musicians who want to keep some rights reserved and not all rights reserved or reversed.

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